No doubt you’ve heard this phrase before because it’s relevant and powerful in every area of life: “Work smarter not harder.” You wouldn’t want to work more hours for the same amount of money, so why would you workout longer in a way that produces a lesser result? I’ve seen it over and over again in a gym: the cardio machine people head to their machine of choice for 45 minutes to an hour. The upper body people (usually guys) do their same curls and bench press routine. Yogis go to yoga. All of this is fine, no judgement here. But if the goal is a combination of health, a lean body, confidence, stamina, strength, and flexibility, there’s a better and more efficient way. Traditional workouts tend to take 60-90 minutes to get through all parts of a circuit including cardio or something like a yoga class. I believe ALL…

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13 Mar: Why We Have Negative Emotions

No one likes the experience of feeling negative emotions. Whether it’s stress, uneasiness, unhappiness, or disappointment – it just feels bad. And it’s supposed to. You see, negative emotions serve a purpose in our lives. They are a CALL TO ACTION. When you feel those negative emotions coming up, carefully evaluate what they are occurring around. What is causing you to feel that way? Negative emotions are there to drive you do something differently in life. If you sit in your negative emotions and do nothing, they will linger. If you take action toward changing the situation, you can exchange the negative feelings for positive ones. Let’s look at an example. People often come to us here at Movimento Fitness with negative emotions around their bodies. They avoid mirrors, having their partners see them unclothed, or they feel a general need to cover up. There can be shame, disappointment, self-doubt, or…

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04 Mar: Pineapple Coconut Chicken Skewers

Ingredients: 5-6 chicken breasts, cut into 2-3” 1 cup pineapple, 2×1” cubes 1 green pepper, cut into 1 ½” squares 1 red pepper, cut into 1 ½” squares   Marinade: 2 tablespoons dijon or stone ground mustard 2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon pepper   Dipping Sauce: 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted 1 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice 2 teaspoons chopped cilantro Directions: Combine the marinade- mustard, honey, coconut oil (melted), apple cider vinegar, and salt and pepper. Combine the chicken and marinate in a large zip lock and marinate overnight or for at least few hours. Cut the pineapple, red and green peppers into 2” chunks. If you are using wood skewers make sure to soak them first, then place the chicken, pineapple, and peppers, alternating, onto the skewers. (You can also put all the…

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28 Feb: At the Clinic: Manual Therapy Techniques and Therapeutic Modalities

When suffering from an injury and at home treatments don’t seem to be doing the trick, at some point we finally take in our pride and make the decision to see an Athletic Therapist or Physiotherapist to help us better understand the physical pains we may feel in our muscles and joints.  Whether you suffer from an acute type injury or one that has been chronically nagging you for quite some time, seeing either one of these medical professionals can be a great option to better educate you on your specific injury. Once the full assessment has been completed, the therapist will come up with a treatment plan that will be catered to your specific needs for the healing process to begin in a controlled manner. This will include a combination of manual therapy techniques and therapeutic modalities. Although, there are numerous types of methods that can be used in…

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25 Feb: 6 Strategies for Healthy, Quick, & Convenient Dinners

The biggest obstacle I hear from the people we coach is that they “just don’t have time.” People are SO busy today with work, families, managing a house, and the million other things that come up. So it’s too often that they find themselves grabbing food for convenience – food that not only doesn’t serve their bodies but that also ends up negatively impacting the family and their waistlines. This leads to further guilt and a vicious cycle begins. So, I’m here to help! Check out my strategies for ​healthy, fast, and convenient ​dinners (or whichever meal you choose!):

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21 Feb: Do You Have Impossible Goals?

One of the things we are most passionate about is helping people achieve things they thought were previously impossible. The amazing thing about working with people in fitness is that once they start to achieve those “impossible” feats, it trickles over into other areas of life. Someone who loses 50 pounds or conquers new feats of strength for the first time suddenly gets a promotion at work, gains the confidence to do something they have been dreaming about for years, or starts a new relationship (or even leaves a relationship that was making them unhappy). It’s truly incredible to witness these total life transformations over and over again. And I believe it comes down to following these 6 steps:

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20 Feb: Planks: Why The Holdup?

We’ve all seen them in our programs, and more likely than not if you’ve done a workout at Movimento you have done more than your fair share of planks! From rehabbing an old back injury to training for a marathon or even firming up that stomach, planks have come to be a staple in the modern fitness routine. But, why is this? What makes the plank so special and commonplace, both for beginners and long time gym goers? What does a plank do for us anyway? It is these questions and more that we seek to explore!