08 Nov: White Carbs Are Healthy???

We have all heared about REFINED and BAD 4 YOU white carbs such as: – Sugary donuts/cookies/cakes/ect of any kind. – White bread or white bagels, or WHOLE WHEAT anything covered with sugar. – Breakfast cereals with any kind of cartoon character on the box. – White sugar But what about the white carbs that are GOOD for you?

04 Nov: The Fab Three

It’s estimated that close to 80% of those who have lost weight in the past … gain it all back or more after 18 months. The “FAB 3″ take discipline and dedication so if you’re serious about seeing results, these will most likely be the keys to your success. Reality is that you can’t out-train bad nutrition and it’s the harsh truth!

29 Jul: Exercise Myths Disproved

Myth One:
“Lifting weights will make me bulky and too muscular” Ans: It can, but lifting weights is also a key element in toning, slimming, shrinking, tightening, firming, and losing weight. Your workout depends on many things such as reps, nutrition, supplements, rest, sets, machines vs body weight exercises, the list goes on.