How to Handle Food Pressure Over the Holidays

How to handle food pressure over the holidays.

Picture this.

You’ve been working out regularly and following a solid plan for healthy eating. Even despite the pandemic, you’ve reached some fitness goals – and you’re fired up to keep plugging away at the others.

And now come the holidays, which – even this year – might mean eating with family members who have their own agendas about eating.

Even about your eating.

  • Maybe Mom will insist you partake in multiple servings of grandma’s stuffing and gravy
  • Aunt Marge will pout if you don’t dive into her pumpkin-chocolate cheesecake
  • And Cousin Bobby will be pressuring you to drink like you’re back in college


If some people don’t respect your choices, well — who really cares? If you are ready to eat a little healthier this year for all the hard work you’ve been putting in – OWN IT!

You’re living life on your terms, kicking butt, and spreading love!

So, set your own goals. Follow your own values. And politely decline a second helping of sweet potato casserole with extra butter, pecans and whipped cream.

Explanations and apologies to no one 🙂 

Cousin Bobby will be passed out on the couch soon anyway, and you’ll be ready to get back to the gym when the holidays are over!

~ Juan