How To Know Which Gym is Right For YOU!


Have you ever walked into a gym and knew right away it wasn’t for you? 

Why was that? Was it the look? The people? The price tag at the end of that contract?

There are many factors that go into finding a gym that’s a good fit for you. We understand that finding the motivation within yourself can be difficult sometimes, so when there is an external demotivator it can be game over. 

Ultimately, different people will have different needs, but there are some things to consider when choosing the right gym for YOU. 

The Look

Sometimes gyms will look nice, shiny, and new on the outside, but may not provide you with the safest space. With big gyms, they will tour you around the gleaning facility with colorful and attractive equipment. This kind of place is great if you’re interested in taking gym selfies—what a great background! But, it’s not the best place if you want to learn how to use the equipment. After the tour at big gyms, they often leave you to your own devices—trying out new machines without a demo and potentially injuring yourself. Usually after you sign the contract, the staff are nowhere to be found.

But that’s not us!

We are different from the big gyms. Members should be able to operate the equipment without injury and your trainer should always be available to assist you with the movement.  For us, that means we teach all our members how to use equipment and are right by their side to make sure they are moving correctly.

We offer private and semi-private training with personalized programming. With our semi-private and 1-1 personal training, our trainers are here to make you feel confident in the movement. We’ll be here every step of your workout. If you’ve got it down pat, we’re here to cheer you on!

Find out about our training programs.

The Feel 

Do you feel great when you finish your workout and walk out of the facility? If not great, then at least better than before? A good gym should provide you the support to lift you up when you’re having a bad day. The endorphins that flow during a workout do some of the legwork, but your gym partners and trainers should also help you boost your mood and push you to meet your goals. 

Do you feel supported? 

We run semi-private training programs with 2-3 members so they feel this community support. Some choose to work out with the same group and some switch their schedule up so they can spread the support to different community members. Relationships form when you work toward a common goal, and everyone in our facility is here for one thing: to become a better version of themselves—no matter what that looks like.  

What is Functional Training? 

Functional training is a group of exercises that mimic movements that you do in your regular life outside of the gym. As described by the Mayo Clinic “Functional exercises tend to use multiple joints and numerous muscles…This type of training, properly applied, can make everyday activities easier, help reduce your risk of injury and improve your quality of life.” They are important as you age – these are exercises that mimic movements that you do regularly in everyday life. For example, if you’re finding you spend all day at a desk and are experiencing back pain, we would recommend back and core exercises to strengthen muscle groups in the area and build the support you need for better posture. 

Each workout we plan, it’s with your functional goals in mind. Looking to become the one-trip champion and carry all your groceries in at once? We can help you with that. Looking to get rid of back pain? We can help with that! Looking to increase your energy levels and get better sleep? Pick up your kids with ease? We want to know what your goals are and we’ll help you get there. 

This support should go beyond the gym walls a well. Can you reach out to the trainers and staff with questions, anytime? Sometimes things come up outside of your training time! We also host weekly mindset and nutrition calls to provide support to our members outside of the gym. We know that sometimes getting in the right headspace is more than half the battle, but our community is here for you to get you there.

Regardless of the looks and the amenities, t’s all about the feel of the gym. If you feel comfortable in an environment, then you’ll feel confident to grow. 

The Cost 

We’re going to get real with you. The cost of working out depends on how much you’re willing to invest in yourself. It becomes expensive when you pay for a membership and don’t use it. It becomes expensive when you tell yourself you can’t or shouldn’t utilize all of a gym’s amenities. It becomes expensive when you’re paying for a gym that isn’t right for you. 

Many gyms have an introductory promo period where you can test out the facilities and see if the workout style is right for you. We run these promotions too! Click here to check out our latest jumpstart program. 

Ask yourself:
How much are you willing to spend to become a healthier version of yourself? 

Ultimately, the gym should have your best interest at heart. You’ve already chosen to make this investment in yourself, so the facility should help you make that return on our investment. 

If you’re ready to join a community of support and start working out at a facility you feel comfortable in, drop us a line! We’re ready to help you jumpstart your fitness journey if you are! 

Click here to book a consultation call. No movement necessary. No payment necessary. Let’s just chat and find out if we’re right for you! If not, no worries! We just want to make sure you get what you need!