Stop Doing This Now!

10 Sep: Stop Doing This Now!

Why do we feel like we have to choose? Between the successful career and an amazing family? Between taking care of our health and time with kids? Between doing the things we love and fulfilling our obligations?   What if we could actually have it all?

Will You Be In the 5%?

02 Sep: Will You Be In The 5%?

95% of people just quit too soon. The more we learn and work with members, the more we realize that success comes to those who simply don’t quit and who show up consistently. There’s no magic business bullet that guarantees health, fitness, weight loss, etc…

The Most Important Kind of Strength

28 Aug: The Most Important Kind of Strength

Unless something heavy falls on you or you have to pull something heavy to you, you may not specifically do the movements of exercises like bicep curls or bench presses in real life. Here’s the thing…bicep curls, bench pressing, Olympic lifting, traditional bodybuilding…there’s a place for everything.

Your Biggest Obstacle

10 Aug: Your Biggest Obstacle

When we look at commitment to our health and fitness, it’s easy to see a lot of obstacles: time, energy, money, family obligations, commuting, etc. We could come up with a million of them. But we’re getting real with you today…

When Should You Eat?

05 Aug: When Should You Eat?

I get asked all the time about when and what people should be eating. The more clients I work with, the more obvious it has become that there’s no right answer. So today, I want to quickly share my general rule of thumb.

Losing Weight VS Getting Healthy

30 Jul: Losing Weight vs. Getting Healthy

While at first glance these things might seem synonymous, but we want to break it down for you why they aren’t. You see – you can lose weight and get healthy or you can lose weight and become very unhealthy. Let’s look at some examples.

Why are we becoming less happy

08 Jul: Why Are We Becoming Less Happy?

We live in a world that is so fast-paced that our human brains don’t know what to make of it. Think back 100 years – cars were only on the market the past few decades, airplanes were just becoming a thing, and TV had decades before it would come into existence. Life was slow-paced and predictable.