Love Vs. Hate

08 Jun: Love vs Hate

The mindset and perspective with which you approach your health and fitness journey can have a huge impact on your results and ability to sustain your results over time. You may have heard this phrase before, and it’s absolutely true: “Workout because you love your body not because you hate it.”

Be the Change

28 May: Be The Change

One of the most powerful ways to not only stay committed to your fitness and health routine but to actually fall in love with it is by supporting and recruiting those you care about to join you. Less than 7% of people in the western world are “chronic exercisers” – meaning they’re consistent with exercise multiple days per week for an unending timespan. That’s sad and scary.

Why Do Some People Lose Weight Faster Than Others?

17 May: Why Do Some People Lose Weight Faster Than Others?

This topic can be quite frustrating for those who struggle more with weight loss, so I want to shed some light on this today. A lot of factors play into our weight – the genetics of our body type, our gender (yes, men tend to lose faster than women as a whole), and many other things, but I want to focus on the 2 most important ones today. The ones we have complete control over.

When Enough is Enough

11 May: When Enough is Enough

It’s only when we view the idea of staying the same as more painful than taking the required action to change that we can really transform. For many, it’s been a clothing-related incident that’s made them step into action – everything from not being able to zip up pants that they previously wore all the time to a full-on breakdown when they discover they’ve gone up a whole size since last spring.

Muscle Myths

05 May: Muscle Myths

It’s an exciting time in the body image world. While it’s always been acceptable for men to be muscular, it’s now a goal for women to have lots of lean muscle – yay progress! But there are still quite a few myths floating around about muscle, and we’re going to bust them for you today.