27 Dec: Personal Training VS Group Training

While many bootcamps out there want to make you believe and brainwash you that you that bootcamps are great training for everyone, reality is that one shoe DOES NOT fit all. Simple as that. We offer both personal training and group training options and both have distinct advantages.

27 Dec: The TOP Excuses

Today we live in a so called “fast pace society” meaning that we tend to use this as a major excuse for putting our health and fitness goals on the back burner and in jeopardy. We tend to cling onto this excuse for dear life and try to avoid any conversation related to fitness and/or any form of physical activity. Don’t get caught up in the “he said/she said” or the “nay sayer” when it comes to your health. If improving your fitness and health has been on the back of your mind, chances are you know something needs to improve. Our minds may play tricks on us but our bodies SURE DON’T.

27 Dec: The Incredible 3

Did you know that it only takes 3 weeks for your body to adapt to a fitness routine? Did you also know that after a few short weeks, your “NEW & AWESOME” results come to a stand still and results no longer come as fast? Why is that???

27 Dec: Break Through Your Weight Loss Frustration

Congrats to all of our clients who enrolled in our 5 week “Healthier you” challenge! Excellent start and amazing energy that everyone brings to each class, we are extremely proud of every single one of you! Sometimes at the beginning of our fitness journey, losing weight can seem easy at first once we get going until all of the sudden, we can’t get rid of those STUBBORN 5 or 10 pounds that just won’t come off… C’MON-ALREADY….???

27 Dec: A Quick Core Workout

It’s kinda tough to get motivated for a workout when it’s snowing outside and the temperature is dropping badly into the negatives…Yikes… So if you can’t make it to your workout sessions due to the unpredictable weather conditions-no worries. Perform the following two exercise back to back for 10 minutes and it should do the trick until your next session!

27 Dec: The Squat!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, either way it’s a wicked exercise to tone and build muscle. This exercise comes with some major benefits whether you are a fan or not.

27 Dec: Muscle Da Hustle

Building muscle is going to be one of the key elements in your weight loss journey. More muscle = more calories burned by your body = more weight loss Lifting weights as part of your exercise routine even increases the calories you burn while you’re sitting on the couch because your muscles use energy to repair your muscle fibers after each resistance training workout. Studies have shown that after a total body workout that includes weights participants had an elevated metabolism for 39 hours afterward! So make the most of your Movimento resistance training workout with these three tips below!

04 Nov: The Fab Three

It’s estimated that close to 80% of those who have lost weight in the past … gain it all back or more after 18 months. The “FAB 3″ take discipline and dedication so if you’re serious about seeing results, these will most likely be the keys to your success. Reality is that you can’t out-train bad nutrition and it’s the harsh truth!