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4 Simple Tips to Improving Your Eating Habits!

4 Simple Ways you can change your diet to create positive changes:

1) Cinnalicious! Add cinnamon instead of sugar. Add to smoothies, warm milk, yogurt, oatmeal etc. It adds zero calories and it’s an amazing antioxidant which has been shown to help control blood sugar.
2) Leafy Green! Make the switch from iceberg and romaine lettuce to spinach. This dark leafy green is a nutritional powerhouse. It is loaded with calcium, vitamin C, Folic acid, vitamin K and Iron.
3) This is Wild! Wild fish are way better choices then farmed. These contain less contaminants and more Omega-3’s.
4) Are you nuts? Nuts are an incredible snack (in moderate smaller amounts & unsalted)— high in protein, and omega-3’s and fiber. Eating small amount daily can boost weight loss.
Bottom Line: Improving your diet doesn’t mean changing everything over night. Simple and small changes will go a long way in terms of boosting fat loss and improving your overall health.
Quote of the day:
“The main difference between people is not ABILITY but ENERGY.”