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We're Not a Typical "Gym"

We are not a bootcamp, a one-size-fits-all class, or a big box gym where you feel lost trying to workout on your own! We do 100% customized training designed around your health & fitness goals. Every session is led by one of our experienced coaches.

It's Simple

Customized training, assessments, nutrition guidance, and most importantly ongoing coaching... It is ALL included. We make it as simple as possible for you to get started and see results. All you have to do is take the 1st step.

The Go-To Studio For People in their 40s, 50s, 60s & 70 +

You can feel confident knowing that we are experienced in working with all fitness levels, health conditions, past injuries, or any limitations you have.

Your Experience With Us

Customized Semi-Private Personal Training

We get to know you right from the start – your history, your fitness level, and your current health – so we can we design your training program just for you

Here you get the best of both worlds; customized personal training while also having the community of exercising with others.

All of our training sessions have a maximum of 3 people with one of our experienced coaches. Every person is coached through their own customized workout and gets personal guidance throughout each sessionWe make sure you are performing your exercises with the right form and using equipment correctly for maximum benefit and safety.

Empowering You Every Step of the Way

We are the GO-TO personal training studio for members in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70 +. Rest assured that we are experienced in working with all fitness levels, health conditions, past injuries and/or limitations.

There is ZERO pressure here to “keep up” with anyone else during each training session. You work at your own pace, at your fitness level.

Most of our members are stronger and in better shape NOW than they were 20 years ago!! We will show you that age has nothing to do with your capability.


A Great Community of Like-Minded Members

Finally a place YOU fit in! Our non-competitive, non-intimidating studio is filled with a a bunch of really awesome people working towards better health and longevity. (We’ve been told we are like CHEERS “where everyone knows your name”).

We are not into creating “beach” bodies or walking around taking selfies, our priority is your overall health and wellbeing.

We want to help you move better, feel better, and improve your health and fitness.

Helping You To Follow Through

Most people know they should be exercising consistently each week… but are they doing it? NOPE.

That’s where we come in… we’ll be counting on you to show up! Having the ongoing support of our coaching team will help you get through challenges that come up so that you keep going. This accountability is the key to achieving lasting success. 

Plus, we include ongoing fitness assessments and body scans so we can show you the improvements you are making in your overall health that go far beyond the number on the bathroom scale. 

Guidance on What to Eat

If you are looking to improve your health, get stronger, have more energy, sleep better, have less joint pain, lose weight, improve your mobility, prevent future disease, have a high quality of life for years to come, and just feel GOOD in your body… then you need to be paying attention to what you EAT in addition to your exercise program.

We give you nutrition guidance to help complement what you are doing in your training sessions. We are a complete wellness program that looks at all aspects of improving your longterm health. 

Training Sessions To Fit Your Schedule

You’ll have reserved times scheduled to train 2x – 3x per week in our studio. Your reserved training times are yours for as long as you are a member with us. Consistently being able to attend your training sessions at the same time each week helps you build routines and habits to make YOU a priority. 

We have training sessions all day long – morning, afternoon, and evening – so we can help you find times that work for you. If you need to change a scheduled session we’ve got you covered, our friendly admin team can find you an alternative session time to help you stay on track. When you get started with our Stronger For Longer 6 Week New Member Program we’ll find a schedule that works for you.

Ongoing Progression to Your Best Health

Our goal is to help you feel strong, capable, energized, and just downright awesome so that you never feel limited by your body or your health from doing the things that you love.

Want to get mistaken for 10 yrs younger than you are?
Get off the meds you don’t want to be on? 
e able to lift your grandkids?
To travel and have adventures without the fear of getting hurt?
Golf until you are 90?
Start here with our 
Stronger For Longer 6 Week New Member Program

Ready to Get Started? Here's How It Works...

One-size-fits-all fitness programs can leave you feeling in pain and frustrated. At Movimento Fitness everything you do is CUSTOMIZED to your fitness level and your needs so you can feel strong and capable.

Register For Our 6 Week New Member Program

Everyone new to Movimento Fitness begins with our signature 6 week Stronger For Longer Program. This is the best way for you to see what we are all about. Click the green button below to register.

Attend Your Initial Fitness Physical

Once you have registered we will schedule your initial fitness physical. Here we learn about your goals, health history, and do an assessment so we have the information we need to build your customized program.

Begin Your Training

You’ll attend your training sessions 2x – 3x per week in our studio. During each session one of our experienced trainers will lead you through your custom program showing you how to perform each exercise safely and effectively. 

Make Your Health an Ongoing Priority

After your initial 6 weeks you can decide to keep right on training. Many of our members have been with us for 3, 5, 8, 12+ years and love KNOWING they are taking the right steps each week to stay strong, mobile, pain free, and healthy for years to come.