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Juan Medrano

Juan’s first introduction to fitness was at a small local gym in Red Deer. He credits fitness, and a mentor he met in that gym, with truly saving his life in a time of hardships in his youth. Through many personal struggles he understands the impact that physical fitness, and lack thereof, can have on all areas of life.

While this was his starting point, it was not until later in life that he was driven to make a difference in the health and fitness industry realizing his true calling in helping others to overcome their own challenges and improve their lives.

It is his personal experience, and the experience of all of the people he has been able to help over the last 10+ years in the fitness industry, that drives him to continue to bring the best in training and support to all of the people he has had the honor to work with at Movimento Fitness.

With a background in Human Performance and Athletic Development, specializing in Functional Training, Juan is passionate about enhancing the lives of those around him through the power of simple, safe and effective exercise and an empowered mindset.

Juan is humbled to have been nominated twice for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the St.Albert Chamber of Commerce and awarded the St. Albert Small Business of the Year in 2016. He’s been featured on several radio shows/podcasts, blogs, speaking on fitness, mindset, lifestyle change, and has also co-authored the Best Selling Book Better, Faster, Stronger along with several other leaders in Functional Training in North America.

While he has worked with a wide variety of people, athletes and private clients, he ESPECIALLY loves helping people new to fitness discover it’s life changing effects. He wants to help as many people as he can remove their limitations and enjoy a MUCH better quality of life.

Kim Sparks

Born and raised in Edmonton, Kim grew up always active having danced competitively for 17 years. However, as she got older inactivity began to set in and lingering back issues from scoliosis and a car accident left her with constant pain and discomfort. Like so many of our members today, Kim was no stranger to feeling completely intimidated by typical gyms with absolutely no idea what to do or how to use most fitness equipment.

Juan and Kim had a vision to bring Movimento Fitness to life, and it was from her personal experience that she was driven to create a place where people could come to get all of the benefits of strength training and conditioning without feeling intimidated. Instead, people would feel welcomed and supported by a like-minded community  of members and coaches there to guide them on their journey to better health and fitness.

Kim has a Bachelor of Communication Design & Marketing from the U of A and is a Certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition Coach. She specializes in consistently growing and improving all aspects of our member experience from your first interaction with us all the way to celebrating your 1 yr, 5 yr, even 10+ yr anniversary training with us and beyond!

Today she has fully realized the impact that ongoing proper training and correct nutrition habits have in her life and loves to help inspire others to do the same.

She’s most passionate about seeing people truly transform their lives – to become more fit and active than they ever thought they could become.

While external transformation is the reason many people begin, it is the powerful internal transformations – the boosted confidence, the personal growth, the happiness, and the improved quality of life – that inspire Kim to continue to build Movimento into an industry leading personal training studio that can support your fitness journey for years to come.

Greg Pagdato, B.KIn

Greg has a passion for personal training, but most importantly he’s always had a passion for giving back and helping others. He’s dedicated to guiding members through their journey and helping them achieving their fitness goals and even surpass them.

Greg has a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Manitoba. He has an extensive background in exercise programming for both physiotherapy patients and older adults giving him experience in working with all fitness levels and abilities.

His philosophy is that through hard work, dedication, and belief in yourself nothing is unattainable. He believes there’s an athlete in all of us and we are capable of conquering any obstacles in our way if we want it badly enough and put are minds to it – and he wants to help you do just that.

It is the amazing people he has the honor to work with here at Movimento, and their stories, that inspire Greg to continue to motivate, support and be at his best every step of the way for each member. Greg looks forward to going on this amazing journey with you and attaining your fitness greatness!

Greg’s Certifications:
~ Bachelor of Kinesiolgy-Athletic Therapy from the University of Manitoba

~ Can Fit Pro – Personal Training Specialist

~ FAI-Functional Aging Specialist

~ Brookbush Institute- Human Movement Specialist

~ NASM – Certified Nutrition Coach

Sam Tardif, B.Kin

Working with members to achieve their goals is one of Sam’s biggest passions. It feels great waking up in the morning knowing he is challenging people to better themselves, helping them achieve new goals, and setting them up for a healthy happy life.

Sam’s love for fitness started from a young age, always participating in a variety of sports including soccer, curling, volleyball, and track and field. He continued competing in soccer at the university level, playing for the team at the University of Alberta Augustana Campus, while attaining his Degree majoring in Kinesiology. As a sports enthusiast, he also enjoys working with members to reach sport specific goals.

Sam loves the fitness industry due to the fact that it permits so much personal growth. He is able to push members out of their comfort zone daily and challenge goals they did not know they could achieve. Helping members conquer their goals is extremely satisfying to him. He takes great pride in knowing that his daily efforts have positive effects on our members, whether it’s putting them in a great mood that day or helping them with their transformation!

~ Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Alberta 

~ NASM Certified Personal Trainer

~ NASM Certified Exercise Specialist 

~ Brookbush Institute Human Movement Specialist 

Jared Kambeitz, B.Kin

Jared  loves being in the fitness industry because it gives him great pleasure helping people strive towards their goals. His experiences in junior and college hockey have given him a strong team mindset that he uses every day to help members live a healthier life.

Jared is extremely passionate about educating and helping each member progress towards their specific personal goals. Every individual is different and with hard work and commitment anything is possible! It is an amazing feeling to see the transformation and progress with each member and that makes him love his job that much more!

Jared is inspired by the joy and confidence that members experience when they are able to embrace a healthier lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals. He loves the mental and emotional uplift people get from exercising and living at their best and is passionate about helping members achieve that.

~ Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Alberta

~ NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Claire Rinaldi
Member Care Specialist

Claire is currently a Nutrition student in the Bachelor of Science Program at the University of Alberta. Her passion for health and fitness started shortly after graduating from high school. Growing up she had been highly involved in dance and soccer, but decided to take a break as she started her first year of high school. Inactivity and poor nutrition choices led to weight gain and constant exhaustion.

Wanting to get in better shape she tried every fad diet in the book, just hoping to lose weight as quickly as possible. After many failed yo-yo diets she decided to look into at-home strength training programs to get comfortable with the weights before stepping into the gym.

Slowly but surely she starting training in the gym and learned more about proper nutrition and overall good health. What drives her to be a dietitian is the desire to help others develop a better relationship with food, as well as educating others about proper nutrition when there is so much misinformation readily available out there.

Claire hopes to provide the best attentive care to those who come to Movimento Fitness. She is inspired by the members who have come in and completely transformed their lives! She aspires to continue learning, growing, and developing her skills while being a part of the Movi team!

Member Care specialist

Bio coming soon

Member Care specialist

Kaitlyn Kokoska is a customer service and communications specialist with a passion for connecting with clients. If you have a story to tell, she is here to listen and make sure you’re taken care of!

She has always been on the search for a balanced and healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the gym. Growing up, she played sports almost every single day! Soccer, volleyball, basketball—if there was a team to join, she would be there! When she went to university, she continued playing soccer, but she started to notice that the Freshman 15 lasted a bit longer than Freshman year due to stress and lack of availably in her schedule to workout.

After that, it was all about finding the balance—fitting in those yoga classes, strength training workouts, and intramural sports between mid-term exams and part-time jobs. No matter how busy life gets, she knows it is important to get moving for both her physical and mental health.

Working with the team at Movimento has created a great positive change in her life and has helped her achieve that work-life-exercise balance she has been searching for all along.

Kaitlyn is currently back at school, working toward a diploma in public relations, where she is learning to help communities find their voice. As a new member of the Movimento community, she is inspired by all the dedicated members and employees who work every day to better their lives and the lives of others!

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