We’ve Worked with Hundreds of your St. Albert & Edmonton Neighbours over the last 10 years to help them reach their best Fitness

I have seen great results. My ultimate goal was 50 lbs lost before 50. I got very near to that and I feel more fit, I feel more healthy, I feel more ALIVE, I feel just a lot better!

~ Maureen, 53yrs, living healthy & never looking back

I went from size 46 pants to size 36 pants. I feel charged up! My daughter has asked me now to start running with her, she didn’t before because she thought I’d probably have a heart attack. Now we have done a bunch of 5K and 10K runs and we’re continuing to do that.

~ Dale, 62yrs, proud active dad of 3

Fitness to me, before I had kids, was a quick fix. It wasn't until I had kids that I realized I had to make a longterm lifestyle change. In my first 6 months I dropped nearly 80 lbs and I was thrilled. After my second child the benefits of working out for my mental health far outweighed the immediate weight loss and I have committed to training 3x every week since then.

~ Natasha, 35yrs, done focusing just on the quick fix

It really translates to being able to pick up my grandchildren and run around with them, lift things up onto the top shelf that I couldn’t before, go up and down the stairs without having to hold onto the handrails, and being able to run for 10 minutes when I couldn't even run at all when I started this.

~ Carol, 66yrs, reclaiming her fitness to make the most of retirement
FACT #1: You can lose weight and get your energy & health back in your 40s, 50s, & 60s

I had a rotator cuff tear with a surgery that didn't go as well as I had hoped. From where I started 3 years ago to what I can do today, what a huge difference. I no longer have shoulder pain and I can do everything I want to do at home and in my life without any limitations or hesitation.

~ Carol, 56yrs, not letting injury hold her back anymore

Before I called Movimento I felt old. Going upstairs I was out of breath, I had aches and pains, I would get injured easily, I seemed to have a cold all the time, and I was not very self confident. Now I feel amazing! I just got back from a vacation in the States - we went hiking and I could out hike everyone I was with even those 10 years younger than me.

~ Amanda, 54yrs, feeling younger than ever

In my early 40's I decided I was going to get active again, started playing indoor soccer, and really injured myself because I had basically left myself go. I gave Movimento a try and after 5 months I am down 25 lbs. I hadn't run on a treadmill, or run at all for that fact, in several years and I am back to running 10 minutes straight on a treadmill which is a big milestone for me.

~ Nat, 45yrs, from sedentary to back in shape

As a physiotherapist I appreciate that I can send my patients here and I know that they're well looked after. I really value the sessions here because they plan everything out for you, they tell you what you are going to do, they watch you, they correct you and they grow with you each day. They make sure it's safe, comfortable and the best thing for you and you're never left to your own devices.

~ Rachel, Movimento member & Physiotherapist from Leading Edge St. Albert
FACT #2: You’re REALLY busy. The good news is you can lose weight and get healthy without slaving away for hours in the gym

My son was getting married, I was retired, and we were planning a bucket-list type trip to Spain. But I was feeling old, tired, gaining weight and I was starting to dread not fitting my dress for the wedding and that I wouldn't be able to walk the 20km a day to do the Camino in Spain. I had a bad experience at another gym and it was with a great deal of trepidation that walked into Movimento... what I found was things were so much different.

~ Deb, 63yrs, reclaiming her fitness to experience her bucket-list and love retirement

Before I came I suffered hugely from depression, low-self confidence, was never really happy with where I was body-wise and with life in general. Now I'm down 27 lbs, I have far more confidence and I'm fitting clothes I haven't fit into in years. This year we went and did a shark dive which I never would have done 2 years ago because I wouldn't have been able to put my butt in a wetsuit and I just wouldn't have had the lung capacity or the confidence to do that.

~ Jen, living a more active lifestyle than ever before

When I came here I had a membership at another gym and I would find every excuse not to be there. I came here because it helped me with the discipline . I was just was way too tired and couldn't keep up with my 3 young kids. I realized that at 38 I shouldn't be feeling like a 70 year old. Now I push myself to get to the gym in the morning before work and it's just so much better. They really make you feel like a family and welcomed here.

~ Simon, 38yrs, ready to be an active dad for life

One of the big advantages that I think is so important is that we exercise here by appointment. By having those appointments I come, I virtually never miss, where as with a regular gym you're putting it off to the next day and soon not going at all. It's an older crowd and you'll find the people are more similar to yourself. The whole atmosphere is just not as intimidating compared to a lot of other gyms.

~ Shawn, 59yrs, loves the private and non intimidating environment at Movimento
FACT #3: Diets suck. The great news is you can lose weight AND see results you WHILE STILL EATING LOTS OF FOOD. YOU DON’T HAVE TO STARVE YOURSELF OR GIVE UP EVERYTHING YOU LOVE!

I was actually kind of ashamed of how sedentary I had become and how weak I felt so that was my motivation to try to get healthier. I feel significantly stronger in the 2 yrs that I've been here. My body is able to do the thins that I want to do and I am able to play sports again without the fear of injury. Most importantly I feel better mentally. I talk about how great my experience is here to anyone that will listen!

~ Elena, 44yrs, no longer worried about weakness and getting injured

You feel stronger on the inside, you feel stronger on the outside, and you're not doing it for yourself, you're doing it for the people around you who depend on your for your support. Here we are all on the same journey towards becoming healthy and stronger. "Today I will do what others won't so tomorrow I can do what others can't" and that is a real goal because every day each of us is getting older so let's just make the best of it.

~ Peggy & Vivian, sisters loving staying active together

For the first time in decades I am focusing on being their for myself and that is why I am here. Gyms or "gym people" was not a culture I knew... I felt like a complete outsider. It's not something I EVER did and it was not ever part of my life. Before you know it you are addicted to coming here and you bounce out of here feeling like a million dollars. And then you realize that you could actually be the inspiration for someone else that is still sitting at home and thinking that this something that they can't do.

~ Lucy, 51yrs, So happy she took that first step

For the first time in my life I was over 200 lbs and it was a real wake up call. I had tried so many places and all the fad diets. I'm hypothyroid and I was always told "you can't lose the weight" and I just wasn't comfortable living with that any more. I feel so much better since starting. I have a ton more energy, I sleep better at night, I'm down 4 pant sizes & 30 lbs so shopping is a lot more fun, and I feel more outgoing and back to how I used to be before I gained the weight.

~ Cathy, proud to be an active role model for her son

I didn't feel apprehensive at all coming here because my physiotherapist at Summit Physio had great things to say about this place. I wanted to do it right and have good training instead of just doing it on my own. Within 4-5 months after starting I felt much more confident about what I could do with my injured shoulder from the rehabilitation resistance training we were doing. I lost about 35 lbs in a year and I can't say enough about how much better I was feeling. Everybody here is intent on doing well and the community so supportive.

~ Andrew, 67yrs, loving being able to work on his art without shoulder pain
FACT #4: You’LL get you results 10X faster working with an experienced coaching team than tying to “go IT On YOur Own” and figure it out all by yourself with no support

I've gone to the big gyms before and no one cared if I came or didn't come but I really just felt like a faceless number. I really needed more one-on-one and realized that the personalized coaching was really more what I was looking for and needing. I feel stronger both physically and mentally. I am in a better place with my all around well being. I just feel more like the old me.

~ Karina, 47yrs, knows personalized coaching and accountability is the key to her success

Doing it on my own was like being in a boat with one oar. You imagine that everyone is going to be tiny and that there will be mirrors all over the place and that you'll have to look at yourself doing the exercises... it's very intimidating...but this place is none of those things. All of the exercises that I do here translate into real life. The workouts here are nothing like the workouts you do when you just show up at a gym and do something on your own.

~ Kathy, 61yrs, knows it's easier to do it with a team behind you

Last year I completed the Spartan Race Trifecta! It was not something I had ever done before - I had not done obstacles and I am not a runner. I was able to complete all 3 races and that was were I truly saw the gains from my training here at Movimento.

~ Rachel, taking on challenges to push her fitness to a new level

I was always so focused on the numbers on the scale. I would step on the scale and the numbers showed bad my whole day or whole week would be done. But now I don't really focus on that. I focus on how I feel. I feel stronger. My muscles feel tighter. I feel confident in my skin and my kids have noticed. They say, "Wow, mom, you're really strong." And that was one of my goals.

~ Dana, loving being a confident strong roll model for her kids
FACT #5: in just weeks you can start feeling better. THe “perfect” time will never come. Don’t wait another minute – take action to start enjoying life to the fullest – you don’t need to ever feel held back by your body or your health again!

I love this place. The team is so knowledgeable, they're welcoming, they're friendly, they push you without turning it into a bootcamp. They really make you want to do your best. I have a confidence, and a strength, and a pride in myself that I didn't have before.

~ Cathy, 56yrs, feeling strong and in control

I'm walking straighter, my gait has improved, I am not stiff and sore in the morning when I wake up. I feel like it's a really good place to put all my stress as well. When I come here I am usually a bag of stress and when I leave I feel a lot better. It's really comfortable for a women to be here at Movimento and everyone is really positive.

~ Leah, 42 yrs, staying focused on consistency to see all the positive changes adding up

We spent a lot of time with our kids and we really focused on their health and wellbeing and making sure they got lots of activity but we forgot about ourselves. It's hard to take care of other eventually if you are not taking take of yourself too. Having come together to the gym has really helped us out. It gives us time to spend together. Even through that might not sound like a romantic outing at least it's a guarantee that we do get to spend some time together a few times a week.

~ Randy & Carmela, living an active lifestyle together

One of the best things about coming to Movimento has been the structure that it's really added to making this a part of my daily routine. Fitness isn't an optional part of having a really busy and full life. Coming here week after week and applying strategies to how I eat and how I workout has really help me gain a lot of confidence in both coming to the gym and it being health and fit overall.

~ Ken, fueling his busy life with fitness & nutrition to keep his energy high

I took a flight and for the first time in my life I could't get the seatbelt done up. I was miserable but I knew I was ready to actually work. I had never worked at my health before, I am always looking after other people. I interviewed 6 different gyms in St. Albert and I just wasn't comfortable in a lot of them and then I came in here and I was like, "sign me up for life!" It makes my cry when I talk about how much better I feel. I went down to a clothing size that I haven't been since I was 15 years old.

~ Tara, never felt better about herself and can outrun her kids