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7 Easy Ways to Cut Calories

Most people aren’t super jazzed about cutting their caloric intake, but if you want to drop fat it’s essential.
Even if you want to maintain where you are, you’ve got to ensure you’re not going over your daily caloric needs on a regular basis or you will gain weight.

Without talking about calorie counting, macros, and more, let’s just focus on some simple and highly effective ways you can cut calories almost effortlessly.

  1. Focus on eating lean proteins and vegetables first at every meal
  2. Drink water instead of calorie containing beverages
  3. Use healthier cooking methods that don’t involve excess oils – bake, grill, Crockpot, etc.
  4. Use low calorie condiments like vinegars and mustards and herbs/spices to flavor your food
  5. Stop mindlessly munching – no food between your set meals/snacks for the day
  6. Limit starchy carb consumption to once per day
  7. Find healthier substitutions for foods you love – Halo Top instead of regular ice cream or kale chips instead of potato chips, for example

I guarantee that by doing the above, you’ll cut calories almost without thinking about it!
And if your nutrition and accountability are areas in which you need support, we can help.
~ Juan