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Are You Putting On Your Oxygen Mask First?

Right now I’m sitting on the plane on the way home from working in Phoenix getting ready to write some blog posts. The flight attendant is giving the safety speech and is telling everyone to put their oxygen mask on before helping any others. Yes, we have all heard it many times before and hardly anyone on the plane looks like they are paying attention.

When you really start to think about it putting on your mask seems to clash with our instincts… if things got crazy in an actual emergency on a plane my first thought would probably be to help out Kim, our soon-to-be baby daughter (during future travels), or even the older folks sitting across the isle from me, before putting on my own mask. But what good would I be to any of them if I pass out first? What happens if I don’t take those couple of minutes to help myself so that I can be the most useful to everyone around me?
This completely applies to real-life back with both feet firmly on land. We see this all too much, people leaving their health, fitness, nutrition and wellness till the very last item on the list. They have spent years taking care of spouses, children, parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues, even strangers… before taking care of themselves.
Simply put: If you don’t put your mask on first, you won’t be here for all those other people when they need you. You will be unconscious.
Our natural tendency is to do for others (trust me I get it…), because we are caring, loving, nurturing, responsible, supportive and competent people. For too many of us, it seems to feel selfish to take the time to care for yourself first and invest in your well-being. It’s NOT! Making the time to take care of yourself first, workout, eat right, rest and reduce stress will leave you at your best and is the MOST valuable gift you can give yourself and the people in your life that depend on you daily!
My question to you is…Where is your oxygen mask? Has it been too long since you put yourself first and you don’t know where to start? If so, don’t worry. We have a solution to help you! Simply, call me or visit me at the studio! My passion comes from helping real people just like you reclaim their health, put themselves first on the list, and live at their best with the ones they love!
– Juan M.