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Being Active Needs to Include Strength Training

In a world full of fitness trends and fad diets, it can be pretty confusing and overwhelming about what a person should do when trying to get back in the groove.
In this article, we will explain the difference between “building your strong” and being active; they are both great but they need to be combined for you to lead your best healthy lifestyle!

Active can mean:

Going for a brisk walk
Playing a game of tennis
Taking the puppy out to the park
Swimming laps
Playing golf
Skating with the kids
Any outdoor fun activities

While building strength is:

Taking on certain types of physical exercises where resistance demands effort from your body enabling your muscles to peak strength over time.
Things such as:
A well rounded strength training program including resistance training and weights
A well rounded cardiovascular training program. Sorry, all “cardio” programs are NOT created equal like you’ve been told.
The key point to understand here is that strength training opens up many doors to the physical world. While going for brisk walks are absolutely awesome; it is also extremely important to build muscle endurance through correct strength training programs to stay at your physical best AND be able to still be active doing the things you love… especially as you age.
Take for example baseball, I love it. Do you enjoy playing baseball each summer? One must be able to combine playing the game WITH a great strength training routine before or during the season to keep those shoulders, elbows and overall body healthy and strong you’re ready to crush the competition!
And ladies strength training is just as important for you as the gentlemen! Many women shy away from strength training and weights and as a result miss out on the lean muscle building, strength building, health enhancing, metabolism boosting benefits it provides! You will never get bulky from strength training unless you are pairing it with a body building nutrition program… instead you will get that lean, toned, healthy look you love!
So when you think about your fitness routine make sure you are including building strength in with the activities you do to stay active!