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Best Relaxation For Sore Muscles!

A nice warm bath is psychologically relaxing and can be a surprisingly powerful tool for healing and relaxing the muscles. A warm bath tends to dominate our awareness, forcing out negative thoughts, and restoring our body temperature and other physiological conditions back to normal.

To make the most out of your warm bath you can add sea salts and Epsom salts which are known for muscle relaxing qualities and make an inexpensive addition to a wonderful therapeutic bath! You can also add essential oils such as mint, pepper or lavender for aromatherapy benefits!
Remember to always make sure to hydrate by drinking a glass of cool (not cold) water before, during, and after your warm bath. During a nice warm bath one sweats quite a bit meaning you must replace lost fluids to feel good later.
The goodies:
1) Bath tub
2) Warm H2O
3) Sea Salts and Epson Salts (Optional)
4) Essential Oils (Optional)
5) A nice glass of cool (Not Cold) water beside your tub
6) Pets, not recommended….