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Break Through Your Weight Loss Frustration

Congrats to all of our clients who enrolled in our 5 week “Healthier you” challenge! Excellent start and amazing energy that everyone brings to each class, we are extremely proud of every single one of you!
Sometimes at the beginning of our fitness journey, losing weight can seem easy at first once we get going until all of the sudden, we can’t get rid of those STUBBORN 5 or 10 pounds that just won’t come off… C’MON-ALREADY….???

Being frustrated can sometimes set us back to:
1) Old bad habits and pack that weight back on (This is not what we want)
2) It can be the ‘Break Through” for us to once again get the ball rolling in the right direction and say GOODBYE to those stubborn pounds or inches that we couldn’t get rid off before.
Plateaus are normal and at times expected, they also happen to most of us. Fat loss will fluctuate constantly meaning that for the first few weeks or months it will decrease, while other times it won’t drop a bit.
Effective plateau strategies-SWEET 4:
1) If you eat it, write it. Writing down what you eat and drink is essential and no you do not have to do it forever! It sure works though! Food journal all the way to keep you focused!
2) Increase your workout intensity. While a little walk once a week is absolutely better then no exercise at all, if you are serious about weight loss, there needs to be more intensity than that from your exercise routines.
3) Don’t think huge. Think baby steps, because they work and go a long way. Think about the progress and steps of how to get to your outcome!
4) Keep it simple. As we make solid fat loss progress, it’s easy to get a little “OFF TRACK” and try to tempt ourselves by drinking and eating more than we should and not exercising as much as we were at the beginning. Rely back to what worked from the beginning then watch your progress continue.