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“Can I get your help with something…”

Do you ever have something like this happen…
Maybe a family member asks you for a small favor. Or a co-worker needs help with something.
It’s small. It’s REALLY not a big deal.
But you have a large emotional reaction to it?
Not angry or annoyed… but feeling just totally overwhelmed by just that one more thing that you have to do.
We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. It can sneak up on us. Or it can even be a steady companion if we don’t take steps to bring that overwhelm down.
Working too hard, running around with the kids, taking care of aging loved ones, stress, not sleeping well, not relaxing, not exercising, constantly being “busy”.
Feeling overwhelmed is often our body’s way of saying, “Hey – calm down! You’re doing too much.”
We think we can do it all, right? We give so much in our relationships and in our work that we sometimes take on more than we can handle.
Or sometimes people put more on us than we want to accept.
It’s important to recognize this feeling, step back, and say, “Ahhh…. I’m doing too much.” Then, separate the items on your “to worry about” list.
What’s the next best thing you can do? What things do you NOT have to do? Or what can you get help with?
What can you control – and what is simply beyond your control?
Journal or meditate.
Go for a walk. Move your body. 
Talk about your feelings, or write them down.
It’s OK to realize, “Hey, guess what? I actually CAN’T do all of that!”
It’s even healthy to say, “I don’t WANT to!”
Try it the next time one more thing becomes too much. Making space in your life for self care to reduce stress is a huge part of staying healthy.
~ Juan