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Do You Need Supplements?

“Do I Need Supplements?”

People ask me this question all the time, and my answer is always this: You should try to eat high quality foods that will give you the nutrients your body needs. If you find gaps in your regular nutrition, supplementation is absolutely a good idea. But, you should never rely on supplements to be your primary source of good nutrition. It’s like forgetting to water your plants for weeks, then giving it a bit of fertilizer every few months and expecting it to flourish. BASICS FIRST!!!

I do think it’s a good idea for most people to supplement with the following:

·     High quality multi-vitamin (not just anything off the shelf in the grocery store)

·     Omega 3s (NOT 3-6-9)

·     Protein Powder (HIGH quality, little to no carbs)

·     Greens Supplement (high quality, cold pressed)

Filling in the gaps in your nutrition will yield better results from all of your hard work in the gym! If you think you might be deficient in an area, let’s talk about it!

Here at Movimento Fitness, we advocate for Shaklee nutritional supplements. Ask us for more details!

To Your Health,

~ Juan