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Eat The Carbs!

Remember that time you decided not to eat carbs, sugar, pizza (insert any applicable food here) again and you did it with success and ease??

Of course you don’t!

That’s because it’s pretty much the same as abiding by “don’t think about a pink elephant!”

You see, when you deem a particular food or category of food “off limits,” it’s pretty much all you are going to think about and crave. And perhaps willpower will keep you strong, but eventually you’ll go off the rails and end up overdoing it.

Instead, let’s understand 2 things:

1. Why it’s actually ok for you to have carbs

2. How to create some easy rules around consuming them.

We’ve talked before about how there are two types of carbs – both fibrous (vegetables and fruits) and starchy (breads, grains, sugars, etc). You know that fibrous carbs are essential, but I’m here to tell you that starchy carbs are also ok, and here’s why…

Starchy carbs have several benefits, including the fact that they help you put on muscle. Starchy carbs affect your insulin, and insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone that supports muscle gain. They’re also great for post-workout recovery and a feeling of satiety in general.

Now, for a few rules. If you want to ENJOY starchy carbs – both in taste and benefits WHILE losing fat – here are a few things to consider.

·     Eat your starchy carbs within 2 hours after you’ve worked out when your metabolism is at its highest and glycogen stores need to be replenished.

·     Limit your starchy carbs to just once per day

·     Always pair starches with a serving of protein and vegetables and go easy on any added fats

·     Eat to 80% full – it’s easy to overdo it when you get your hands on starches!

·     More often than not choose high quality starchy carbs such as quinoa, couscous, whole/steal cut oats, sprouted grain bread, yams, and sweet potatoes over highly processed/refined starchy carbs such as white breads, muffins, cookies, etc.

By following these simple, non-limiting rules, we hope you’ll enjoy carbs while reaping their benefits and maintaining a guilt-free approach to food!

To Your Success,

~ Juan