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Fighting the Mid-Day Energy Slump

With all the challenges of our daily lives it can be tough to maintain a high level of energy at all times. Factor in a long winter on top of it all (seriously will this snow ever stop!) and being fatigued and having low energy is something that we all have to deal with at some point during the day.
If you are feeling an tired slump in your day here are a few different techniques to keep those energy levels up so you can stay on top of whatever situation comes your way.

First technique is simple – hit the nap sack! Set your alarm for as little as 25 minutes a day and make sure that the room is dark and cool. Remove your shoes and put some ear plugs in and top it off with your favourite blanket! If you don’t like naps because you wake up feeling less than alert try brushing your teeth with mint toothpaste or consume something with peppermint after your nap. The scent will help you increase your alertness and fight off the after nap affects.
If napping is not an option try to get outside! Get a quick walk in and focus on your breathing. It’s amazing how quickly a bit of sunshine and breath will provide you with that burst of energy that you need to power through the day.
If the first 2 are out of the question because of time/work doesn’t allow you to get outside, then bring the outdoors to you! Close your eyes and meditate. Meditation can be rejuvenating and re-energizing and anybody can do it. Set aside 5 minutes at your desk to simply close your eyes and breathe. If you’re having trouble getting started or perhaps you’re looking for some guidance there are numerous free apps that can guide you in your meditation practice. This is probably my go-to technique as it can be used anywhere and all you need is your breath.
If you find yourself hungry by 10 AM on a daily basis try to stay away from refined carbs during breakfast. These carbs break down into sugar quickly and stimulate a burst of insulin in our bodies, which make us feel fatigued and craving those Tim-Bits. A good breakfast is key to increasing our energy levels. You can never go wrong with eggs, yogurt, fruit, nuts, and whole grains!
Last but not least, exercise! If you’re already a Movi member chances are you’re exercising at least a few times a week. If not well then it’s time to join us. Exercise revs up our cardiovascular system and stimulates several brain chemicals that make us feel happier and more relaxed. After a workout I always feel more energized and can crush anything that comes my way!
So the next time you are feeling less than energetic try one of these techniques or maybe employ a few of them together to get that extra jolt!