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Jumpstart Your Motivation!

Need to get motivated so you’re primed once again to hit the ground running with your health and fitness goals? The following 3 things can make a big difference and can jumpstart your motivation!
1) Set a Goal
If you haven’t set a new goal in some time, quit stalling and get to it. This is a MUST. Remember, it is all about progression daily and not perfection. If you don’t have any health and fitness goals – or are not reviewing your goals regularly to make sure they are still applicable and sustainable – you are going to struggle sticking to your plan and will lose motivation and drive.

You may find that your goals have changed and this is OKAY. Perhaps you have improved endurance and strength since you started working out, or you have lost your goal weight. Now you need to figure out what’s next and fine-tune your action plan so you feel confident and you get in “GSD” mode…”Get Stuff Done”! Find a new challenge – something that excites you – as a target to work towards. Maybe it’s an activity that you would not have been able to do before making the changes that have brought you to you new active lifestyle. Maybe it’s doing some hiking in the mountains this summer or running a race.
2) Get Some Guidance
Usually, a loss of interest and low motivation comes from repetition of doing the same thing over and over again…your same workout routine going around in circles. If you are working out on your own it can be easy to fall into a rut with your routines. On that same note, keep in mind that doing the same routine over and over again may eventually lead to injuries you setting back a few weeks sometimes months, leaving frustrated and feeling discouraged.
A team of certified and professional personal trainers have the ability to give you the guidance you need to keep progressing and staying motivated. They will teach you new exercise techniques, work new muscles, provide you with great training programs specifically designed for you, and help you move in the right direction towards your health and fitness goals!
3) Seek out the right training facility and community
Are you tired of going to a place where you’re just another number? Do you want to be part of something cool and great? This could be the piece that is missing from you getting started, and we don’t blame you. With so many gyms around is so hard to tell which one will be the one that will be a great fit for you…But here’s what to look for:
How do the members seem when they’re there? Do they look happy and friendly or standoff-ish? How are you being greeted? Or are you even being greeted at all?
A facility with a great community and atmosphere can be key to increasing your confidence level when getting back into a routine and can be a huge factor in being able to stick with a fitness program long-term. Having the right coaches and like-minded people around you will help to ensure that you are constantly striving to be your best! Hands down. Having real life conversations with people in a positive environment who have been there and done that, is such a powerful motivator. Even the most influential people of our time at some point they looked up to someone and were/are involved with groups or organizations that coached them to be at their best.
All these factors can work in your favour, you just have to be coachable, open minded and be willing to get back up when you encounter small road blocks. Put these success tips to work, make minor adjustments along the way and enjoy the journey. It’ll be worth it!