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Loving Yourself & Your Fitness Journey!

Shifting Your Mindset

It’s unfortunate whenever the only reason someone embarks on a new active kick is because they dislike the way they look. Rather than exercising because you’re not pleased with your physical appearance, exercise because you love your body and yourself. Understand that loving your body isn’t something that occurs when you achieve a certain physique; it’s about having the choice to make it at any time in your life. In fact, you can achieve the look you want but still struggle to be pleased with how you really feel inside.

A key factor to knowing why it is important to see past the aesthetics is because it allows you to become more present throughout your fitness journey, rather than mesmerizing about the outcome in the future. Quite often people focus too much on what training can give them (outcomes), and they don’t enjoy the actual process. They’re too caught up in the potential results that they don’t even focus on every workout, every set, and every rep. Not even in the experience of possible meeting other great like minded people where ever they may be… Remember to breathe look at the overall picture, focus on every rep at every workout, every breath you take, every run crush and every time you say hi to someone on the sam boat as you.
Know that the benefits of strength training extend far past the vanity of what you see in the mirror. Realize that the process of getting to your long-term goal builds more character than actually achieving the goal itself. Whether it’s getting to the gym when it’s not convenient, or you feel tired, or whether if it’s just pushing through that one last set of exercises when your body feels like it can’t.
Your willpower and self-discipline is strengthened every time you push through those types of challenges, and the improvements in your character that you gain from these small victories carry over into every aspect of your life. These small victories regularly give you feelings of accomplishment, which results in you believing in yourself, respecting yourself, and loving yourself more and more as you grind away. Here at Movimento, we are able to tell when our members begin to mentally shift positively in this direction because we can see it in them first hand! Their attitude and mindset noticeably improves when their perspective view about training changes from something that they don’t want to do, to something that they don’t want to live without anymore. And as time goes on they truly evolve to enjoy their sessions more and more!
We understand that shifting your mindset isn’t always as easy as it sounds; it’s not like switching the on and off light switch especially if it is something you’ve struggled with. A simple and friendly tip is rather than focusing on changing your thoughts, focus on the actions that you can do in order to show that you love and respect your body and self. It’s like the saying goes:
Change your thoughts and your actions follow, change your actions and change your life!
These actions can be as simple as drinking an extra glass of water a day, waking up first thing in the morning and saying to yourself “today is going to be an amazing day”, or even coming to your next training session super pumped to workout and just simply looking forward to it!
As soon as you begin to make these small changes, then you’ve already won the battle because you’re already on the path to becoming a stronger and better version of yourself! I hope this encourages you to not only love your body the way it is right now, but also to enjoy the process and see the overall picture of your fitness journey with us here at Movimento!