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LUCKY??? I think Not…

Quote of the day: “Great things are NOT done by impulse, but by a SERIES of small things brought TOGETHER.”
In today’s blog, we discuss the topic of “LUCK”

Has anyone ever called you “LUCKY” before in any way? Do you believe in luck or do you believe in making things happen? Do all the wonders in life come your way without you lifting a finger (if they do, we gotta get together so I can learn your secret..), or do you constantly keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing forward until you start to see the benefits of all your hard work? Myself, I am not so sure if I believe in luck. I believe deep in my heart that the solid foundation for luck is as follows: “LUCK IS NOT MAGICALLY CREATED, LUCK IS PREPARATION MEETING OPPORTUNITY.” Whether in personal matters, business, career, health, family, or anything else that we choose to deal with in life, the decisions and the outlook we put on these daily views, determines the outcome.
It is no different with trying to lose a few inches or pounds, or simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle. ANYTHING of worth value in this life time takes time. If trimming or slimming down would be super easy, then everyone would be able to accomplish it anytime-all the time.
However, notice how all the “LUCKY” people are always in a great mood, walk around with endless confidence (not arrogance), and they’re like magnets-others are always attracted to them. But little do these “UNLUCKY” peers know that the “LUCKY” individuals have lives just as busy as theirs if not busier, the difference is that they do not worry about problems. Instead, the lucky ones take time to figure out solutions and answers, and not let a little bump on the road mess up their destination. They’re not worried about what others may say or have to say about them because at the end of the day, the “LUCKY” ones know that these two different sources of energy are non-compatible with each other anyways.
That is why rarely ever (AND I MEAN EXTREMELY RARE), you will ever see a very positive, driven, ambitious and influential person be around someone who is NOT.
Moral of the story:
If you want to do something, GO AFTER IT. Life is not about living but it is about “HAVING LIVED.”
Experience things that others only wish they could do. The more you think about something, the less you’ll get to do it. If you want to travel the world, TRAVEL. If you want to feel your best and lose weight, Get on it. Don’t be worried about what others may think-my answer to that is: WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK! At the end of the day, you’ll get healthier and live longer-the reason: “A HEALTHY MIND LEADS TO A STRESS FREE LIFE-RESULTING IN THE BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE.”
You are your best ASSET!