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Mood Boosters

It is estimated that approximately 1 in 8 people suffer from some form of depression during our cold winters. It is important to know that choosing a fitness routine along with a few other small and simple things, are great ways to boost your mood during these chilly chilly days.

What can you do to boost your mood?
1. Regular Exercise: Regular exercise not only lifts up your spirits but it has wicked antidepressant effects. Mentally, it’s helps get rid of any silly thoughts a person may be faced with.
2. Nutrition: Avoid CAFFEINE and sugary foods/drinks. By eating FIBER early in the mornings, it prevents you from crashing throughout the day and having cravings for silly sugary snacks.
3. GET OUT! Get a little sun because being around bright light, helps the seasonal affective disorder. Now if the sun doesn’t come out as often where you currently reside, treat yourself to a nice massage or some reflexology. Reflexology helps decrease stress and tension in the body.