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Muscle Da Hustle

Building muscle is going to be one of the key elements in your weight loss journey. More muscle = more calories burned by your body = more weight loss
Lifting weights as part of your exercise routine even increases the calories you burn while you’re sitting on the couch because your muscles use energy to repair your muscle fibers after each resistance training workout. Studies have shown that after a total body workout that includes weights participants had an elevated metabolism for 39 hours afterward! So make the most of your Movimento resistance training workout with these three tips below!

Building muscle – 3 KEY elements to keep in mind to maximize success from your workouts:
First and foremost, the crucial thing is to realize that NUTRITION means EVERYTHING. If done incorrectly, the best workout in the world WON’T MEAN ANYTHING AT ALL. With a well planned nutrition plan and a decent workout routine, your results will be good and you will always progress. An understanding that eating smaller meals, snacking every 2-3 hrs, and adjusting your old eating habits for the better, will allow you to jump-start your metabolism and give your body the necessary nutrients to repair muscle tissue throughout the day.
Second thing, proper sleep is a must, and not 5-6 hrs. A few hours a night isn’t enough when it comes to building and repairing muscle! Muscle repair occurs when you sleep and your body expects you to sleep 8- 9hrs a night. If you’re aim is off, then you’re missing out on a lot of muscle repair therefore results come very slow if any at all.
Third, understand that the length of your workout doesn’t count as much as you think it does. A person could spend working out for half the day and it wouldn’t make a massive difference. It all comes down to the intensity level of your workout routine. If you’re working out intensely for 30-45 minutes sweating your hairs off from exhaustion, chances are you’re going to build more lean muscle than any other lengthy workout. Of course, keeping in mind that PROPER TECHNIQUE and POSTURE when performing any level of fitness whether intense or not, is paramount to getting the results you’re after and staying injury FREE.
Remember, balanced nutrition will nourish your body properly on a consistent basis. However, if your eating is constantly inconsistent and you’re expecting miracles from your training routine, harsh truth is it all begins and ends with you. Just give it a chance and see what happens!
Quote of the day:
“It is NEVER too late to be what you might HAVE been.”