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One Consistent Step at a Time

Regardless of the task at hand, success takes patience, time, and effort. It doesn’t come with luck but with sheer determination — and most importantly — consistency. Without consistency it is too easy to lose track of the steps you need to take to achieve the goal you set out to reach.
Learning to be consistent can often take time. It can be a roller coaster of setbacks and false starts. Even just the idea of being consistent can be overwhelming when first starting out. But practice will make you better. Keep practicing and getting back up as every single time you get that much closer to your destination. Your mind holds the vision; your body achieves the results.

To be consistent means to behave in a similar pattern over a period of time. To be in a routine. It’s important to remember that each little step over a period of time adds up. Don’t always get caught up in the short-term quick fix, start thinking long term. Don’t overcomplicate your fitness journey by trying to reach big goals too fast and not allowing yourself the time to build consistent healthy habits.
If every day I wake up at 7 am, brush my teeth, drink a glass of water, have a small breakfast and go for a sweaty training session I will have taken the steps to building a routine. And if I continue this routine consistently for one year I will have reached my goal. Whether that goal is overall good health or something more specific like fitting into that great pair of jeans, it takes long term commitment, daily routine, patience, and effort.
Remember to make your goal realistic to you – something that is challenging yet attainable with the amount of effort you are able to put towards it. Day-in and day-out bit-by-bit you can achieve what you set out to do regardless of the obstacles that life throws at you.
However, do keep in mind that there will still be those times when you don’t want to do it. You’ve had enough, you’re tired and you need a break. And at some time you will take that break. We all know that life happens. We get sick or injured and our bodies need time to rest and heal. No matter how long you’re away, you will keep coming back to your goal. No matter how many times you think you “failed”. You get back up and keep going. There’s no more “starting over,” you just pick up where you left off.
Committing to consistency is a life-long journey that will teach you strength, growth, and perseverance. It’s worth it. All you have to do is take that first step.