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Personal Training VS Group Training

While many bootcamps out there want to make you believe and brainwash you that you that bootcamps are great training for everyone, reality is that one shoe DOES NOT fit all. Simple as that. We offer both personal training and group training options and both have distinct advantages.

When it comes to joining 1-to-1 or small group training with us you have many advantages by your side!
1) You have programs customized & tailored to your fitness wants and needs.
2) You have the proper guidance of a fitness professional right by your side all the time
3) If you are SERIOUS about reaching your fitness wants and needs much faster results this is the way to go. Our great trainers will hold you accountable and be very supportive every step of the way
4) If you have any medical conditions or serious past/current injuries that you need help working through 1-to-1 personal training is the way to go
5) You are held very accountable to attending 2-4 times a week to get the results you are after!
Our Group Training classes are the second training option we offer, and clients love it! Classes cap out at a small number of participants so you’ll never feel lost in any of our sessions and get lots of individual attention!
Our group sessions are great for you if you:
1) Wanting to enjoy a variety of training methods in a fun and fast paced group setting
2) Are looking for a more affordable option
2) Have little to no exercise experience or if you are looking to be pushed to reach your best. Each person can reach their individual goals
3) Love to maintain a more active lifestyle and want an ongoing program that is always different and challenging
4) Want to lose that stubborn weight, move, feel and look better
5) Want to have fun-get in and get out in 45 minutes! Something for every fitness level in a very welcoming environment!
We have applied specific personal training techniques that will allow you to see results in as little as 3-4 weeks. Our group sessions will further your knowledge about exercises and what they do, improve your heart health all while leaning and toning up!
If you want more information about which program may suit you best please come see us for a consultation!