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Reverse That Age Thing!

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimate that Americans spend at least $10 BILLION dollars annually (and growing) on plastic surgery procedures, while Canadians spend just over half a BILLION per year (and also increasing annually) in order to feel and look younger, healthier!Here’s my 2 cents: Going under the knife has risks that may cause side effects later on in life. The usual Botox procedure runs anywhere from $300 up to $600 depending on where you go. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) costs anywhere from $5000 to $6000 while liposuction approximately costs from $2900 and up while facelifts, can go anywhere from $6200 and up..Oh did I forget to mention that these procedures DO NOT include surgeon fees and the results are NOT a for sure thing either even thou once you get a procedure done you are required to go back every 3-6 months..hmm
Here’s the fountain of YOUTH folks……………..Ready………….It will blow your mind (I should start charging a fee…)
Instead of filling facial lines with chemicals, getting tummy tucks or liposuction, turn back the hands of time and your REAL age NATURALLY without weird substances pumped into your system that will eventually wear off. Take necessary steps to look and feel younger by learning how to eat, what to eat and when to eat the right foods. Coupled together with the proper training regimen best suited for your body type, and you are on your way to that secret formula called “FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”.
So, when you’re ready to feel, move and look younger come and visit us!! The consultation is on us because we know that once we “IMPLANT” new and healthy habits in you, that’s when the real transformation begins.