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Goal Setting for Success!

There is an amazing feeling about a new year – a new beginning with new goals, new dreams, and new directions fueling our thoughts. Whether your New Year’s challenge is getting rid of those silly few stubborn pounds, following a more balanced nutrition plan, or a complete body transformation, Movimento Fitness is here for you!

Goal setting is HUGE, yet for all the initial enthusiasm and energy, keeping ourselves motivated, committed, and moving toward the accomplishment of our new goals is often hard. If you’re tired of setting resolutions which fade fast from your daily thoughts and actions, you may want to consider adopting some tips to experience awesome success in accomplishing your new fit and healthy body!
Ready? Let’s roll..
* If you’re serious about your goal, don’t let it own you. Own it!
* If you can see it- then be it. Achieve it!
* Paint a vivid picture in your mind; write it down, draw it out, or cut out the pic!
* Goal setting is about the plan, not the execution!
* Too many fitness goals all at once make nothing a priority!
* Keep yourself accountable by writing your goals down with deadlines!
* Share your goals with people who are key in your life or have similar goals!
* Check achievement progress regularly and take action to identify and eliminate obstacles to goal setting success!