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So You're Saying that Nutrition is Almost Always the Answer?

Yeap, that’s exactly what I’m sayin’…
Reality is that all the exercise in the world won’t out train bad eating habits and patterns. If you eat too much of the wrong things, your workout will not compensate for the caloric intake. Also, if you’re not eating enough, skipping meals throughout the day or purposely starving yourself because you think that’s the proper way of losing weight, your body might go into “calorie-conservation” mode. Meaning your metabolism may slow down, preventing you from losing weight even with exercise. It’s your body’s way of trying to keep you alive. I call it “survival mode”.

If you are serious about losing that stubborn weight without resorting to unhealthy fad/celebrity diets, check these out:
1) Make smart eating choices you can deal with– If you can’t stick with it for the long run, than what’s the point??? Watch starchy carbs, and choose lean meat cuts, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from SUGARY PROCESSED FOODS..I can’t stress this enough…
2) Cheat day- Pick a day each week to be your cheat day. That way you know that you can still have your favorite foods once and a while. This is key… if you think you are never going to eat pizza again in your life because you are choosing a healthy lifestyle it is only a matter of time before you fall off the wagon. BUT BE MODERATE about your cheat day…just because it’s your cheat day it don’t mean you will eat crappy foods from the time you get up until the very last second in the day before heading to bed. If you worked out hard the prior week the last thing you want to do is throw 4-6 workouts out the window because it was your cheat day.
3) Check them labels- Choose the healthier/better choices. Make sure to look at the sugar and salt/sodium contents on the labels. The lower the better on both. There are good, healthy options in the grocery store so take your time to look for them. You’ll be glad you did 🙂
4) If you’re exercising 3-5 days a week and not losing weight, explore why and let’s get some answers. Work with your personal trainer to come up with more ideas to help you achieve your absolute best. Remember that honesty is the name of the game. If you’re eating “clean and lean” 2 days out 7 and yet you’re telling your trainer your eating supppa duppa clean “all the time” the only person you’re truly hurting is………yourself.