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The Benefits of Seeds

Nature’s way of perpetuating plant life here on earth.
Are they a regular component of your diet?
If not, you might want to start including them. Here’s why…

They contain minerals, antioxidants, and micro-nutrients including plant sterols which are known to reduce cholesterol.
In addition, the fat in seeds increases the absorption of nutrients in vegetables eaten in the same meal.
Many (flax-seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds and walnuts for example) are rich in omegta-3 fatty acids which is beneficial to heart and brain health as well as having a positive effect on weight management.
And if that’s not enough seeds and nuts act like a fat sponge in the digestive tract preventing many of their fat calories from being absorbed.
They also have the ability to pull unhealthy fats from the bloodstream and put them on the path out of the body while allowing the healthy fats to stay.
Studies have also shown that flax, chia and sesame seeds can help reduce the risk of cancer. About 7 milligrams a day – approximately one teaspoon of flax seeds was shown to have a positive anti-cancer effect.
So let’s get some seeds into your day! You can eat them on their own and they also make a tasty addition to salads and smoothies!