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The Best Gift to Give on Valentines Day

Ahhh February, the month of love. After our shutdowns in 2020, we are definitely feeling the love from our community, and we want you to feel it as well! 

Love languages are different for everyone. For some, they like gifts, physical affection, or attention. For others, they can show their love by doing tasks, completing projects, or planning a special day for you. No matter what their love language, we have a gift that you can give anyone. 

It’s the gift of health. 

We don’t mean to be cheesy (although isn’t that the point of Valentine’s Day?), but it’s true! It’s the best gift you can give them. When you take the time to take care of yourself, you can be more present for them. 

One of the most common reasons clients give us for NOT working out is that they think they don’t have enough time. They’re too busy working, ferrying kids to hockey practices, cooking for their partner, and they want to spend any spare time they have taking care of their family. But we have some news: 

You have to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others. 

At first, taking an hour to yourself at the gym may feel like you’re taking an hour away from the ones you love, but the best gift you can give them is taking care of yourself. By taking steps to improve your health through exercise, such as our strength training programs, you are giving yourself the gift of health, but also giving them the gift of time. 

Science has proven that frequent exercise is linked to living longer. So, just a few hours in the gym can add years to your life that you can spend doing the things you love with your family. 


Passing the gift onto others 

One of the biggest changes our clients see when they are going through their workout programs is that they’ve found they have MORE energy. Before you start, it might seem that working out would leave you tired and sore, but our clients leave our studio feeling STRONG and EMPOWERED to take on the rest of their week. 

We love to have that effect on our members, but the best part is, they pass along that energy to their families, friends, and community once they leave the gym. 

Fitness is also something you can do together! It can be a great bonding activity to achieve your goals together with your partner and your children as well. As we’re sure you already know, your kids can copy your every move—it’s how they learn! You can lead your family by example, so the gift of health can be passed onto them. When your kids see you take your health seriously, they will take it seriously too. And that’s truly what you want for them, right? To live a happy and healthy life? We want that for them and YOU!


So, what do you buy for Valentine’s Day? 

There are those classic gifts: the chocolate, the cards, the roses. Those are nice gestures, but will they be memorable? Most often, the gifts we appreciate the most (especially after being trapped inside all last year) are the experience gifts. The gifts that allow us to feel and learn new things! 

You can give the gift of health in many ways this Valentine’s Day. It’s a love language with many dialects! 

But, before you consider ordering those pink and red 10lb dumbbells and resistance straps from Amazon, we want you to think of something more long-term. Something that will make a difference in your physical and mental health. Something that will give them a community of support.  If you or your loved one are looking to take better care of yourselves, you might consider one of our strength training programs. 

We might be a bit biased, but we feel the love in our studio every day, and we want you to feel it too! 

We strategically plan our strength training workouts to focus on functional goals—those everyday things you’d like to achieve. This can be as simple as wanting to be able to bend over without pain or pick up your groceries. We know it’s not always about those superficial goals about how much you can bench press: it’s about how the workouts can help you live a better life outside of the gym. 

We want you to be able to do the things you love. 

Whether you’re looking to give this gift to yourself or to someone you love, drop us a line. We are always open to chat about your goals and see how we can help you give time back to your family.