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The Fab Three

It’s estimated that close to 80% of those who have lost weight in the past … gain it all back or more after 18 months.
The “FAB 3″ take discipline and dedication so if you’re serious about seeing results, these will most likely be the keys to your success. Reality is that you can’t out-train bad nutrition and it’s the harsh truth!

Far too many people try to lose weight the wrong way – they tend to go on a very low calorie diet and do little or no exercise expecting “miracles”. The most effective way to lose weight is by decreasing your calories little by little, drink plenty of H2O and increase your physical activity a lot.
Here we go!
1) Keep food a food journal. Here at Movimento we LOVE our food journals and help you track your eating in this way because paying attention to everything you are eating can be one simple step to get you motivated to consistently start making better choices. You are forced to become accountable to yourself (and your trainers 🙂 ) and get real about what you are eating, and what can change to get you healthier!
2) Exercise 45-60 mins of good interval training, 3-5 times a week. That means more movement and less laziness.

3) Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast. You have got to start every morning with a healthy, balanced breakfast to get your metabolism working to keep weight off long term.