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The low down on BEETS!

Are you tired of the same old vegetables day after day in your regular meals? Would you just LOVE to add something different that has an absolute TON of health benefits? Look no further than that lovely, ruby vegetable that dyes everything in your life pink! BEETS!!!
Beets were historically cultivated for their leafy tops and the root was used as an alternative to cane sugar. Today, the leafy tops are often bypassed for the hearty root beneath. Beets can assist your body in amazing ways, for example they aid in lowering blood pressure. High blood pressure, when left untreated, can cause extensive damage your heart. In addition, your arteries can gradually build up with plaque, leading to strokes, kidney disease, and often vision loss.

Our friendly neighborhood beets are here to help!
Beets are high in both potassium and nitrates, which relax and dilate blood vessels, making blood flow more easily. If you have been diagnosed by a medical professional as having (or being at risk of) high blood pressure, beets are a healthy and delicious method of naturally lowering your blood pressure.
Concerned about your cholesterol? Beet fiber helps limit the triglycerides in your system by increasing production of HDL cholesterol (good), stripping excess LDL cholesterol (bad) from your arteries and eliminating it from your body, making your heart run more efficiently.
Looking to increase your stamina on those tough days at the gym? Try adding beet juice to your water. Beets are a good source of nitrogen. The nitrogen in beets converts to nitric oxide within the body and helps the utilization of oxygen in your system. In fact, it can increase the oxygen utilization by up to 16% more.
Beetroot is also a source of vitamins A and C, which are contained in beta-carotene. This gives beets that beautiful crimson colour. However, it is more importantly associated with the prevention of lung cancer, limiting symptoms of asthma, helping the body produce white blood cells (defenders of the body), increasing structural stability of arterial blood vessels, and the prevention of vision loss.
For women that are pregnant or trying to conceive, it’s worth noting that beets are high in folic acid, which is responsible for spinal cord generation in a fetus, as well as many other healthy growth processes.
They are a high source of calcium, which strengthens bones and can ward off osteoporosis. For people with dairy allergies and sensitivities, beets are a healthy alternative to acquiring calcium through the diet.
The root itself isn’t the only healthy part of the beet. For those who struggle with anemia, the dark, leafy beet greens are also a healthy source of iron. They can easily be added into salads, smoothies, or anything else you might enjoy them in.
Just like anything, moderation is key. If you are prone to kidney or gallstones don’t overdo it on the beets as beets have plenty of oxalates, which can stones to develop. Keeping your water intake up when consuming beets will help your organs filter those oxalates!