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The Role of Supplements

Both the role and topic of nutritional supplementation is controversial, to say the least. In a world filled with hundreds and thousands of different kinds of supplements, fitness professionals, and everyone in-between, it is certainly tough to know where to turn to and who to trust. Thankfully, here at Movimento we have done our research and are happy to conclude that yes in fact, nutritional supplementation is indeed good for almost everyone! Whether it’s weight loss, improving your lower back, or building muscle (and everything else fitness related), supplements along with a good diet and training have been proven to improve quality of life, boost your results and have you feeling even better! But where exactly do supplements fit into all of us? Which supplements do what and which ones should I likely be taking? It is these questions and more that we will look at today.

First and foremost our job here at Movimento is to determine in a personalized basis what each person requires through discussion with you and your needs. For example, what are the chances that you are deficient in the essential nutrients needed to achieve your weight loss goals? Do you eat a good mix of fruit and vegetables with protein throughout the day? If not, we need to get you on some supplementation to help your body change such as fish oil, protein or a multivitamin. The same goes for athletic development. If you are looking to increase your lean body mass and perform consistent high intensity work, then a supplement like creatine might be a good fit for you for those goals. Either way, most Movimento members are looking to gain energy, stay pain free, and live an overall healthy life…and supplements are exactly what we need to get there.
So what main supplements are most of us looking for? For starters, the big one almost all of us needs is some sort of fish oil. This supplement in particular is HUGE because of its all-encompassing effects on the body, and its benefits for a wide range of fitness needs. For example, fish oil is thought to fight inflammation in the body, which is good news for anybody who has lower back pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain, you name it. In nutshell, pain reduction! Fish oil also aids in cognitive function and memory retention, as it improves communication between the brain and the body through cell membrane activity. Lastly, fish oil is also thought to improve osteo-arthritis. According to a University of Bristol study, omega-3 fish oil could significantly reduce the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Fish oil fed to guinea pigs, which naturally develop osteoarthritis, reduced the disease by 50 percent compared to those who ate standard diets.
Protein is another supplement that most of us can benefit from taking in conjunction with our regular diet. We all know that we need protein to rebuild our muscle, and this is especially important immediately following your Movimento workout! Muscle gets broken down through all the exercises you do, and needs building blocks (called amino acids) from protein that allow you to recover and come back even stronger! Besides your regular consumption of eggs, chicken, fish etc. a healthy soy protein (like the one we carry!) is packed full of both easily absorbed and bio-available protein. Order up a smoothie from our smoothie bar next time you are in (4 flavors to pick from), or try them on your own with water! Keep in mind that protein powder with water will be absorbed easier than say protein from cheese, or peanut butter, making it that much more effective.
Thankfully through careful selection and research we have found the perfect supplement company to address all these needs: Shaklee. Shaklee is a pharmaceutical grade supplement company we have teamed up with to bring you the best in a wide range of supplements, the main reason being is that they are a certified pharmaceutical grade supplement company. What that means is that every supplement you get from them is guaranteed through stringent testing and standards to be 99-100% pure. Unlike other supplements you buy from the supplement store or grocery pharmacy, there are no fillers or by-products in any of Shaklee supplements. Combine this with a patented delivery system for each supplement (allowing for maximum absorption at different points in the body for each individual supplement) and you get exactly what the body needs in a clean and effective delivery system. If you have any further questions about supplements for your individual needs or goals, ask the staff at Movimento Fitness and we will be glad to help you!