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The Squat!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, either way it’s a wicked exercise to tone and build muscle. This exercise comes with some major benefits whether you are a fan or not.

1) Squats work all major muscle groups.
2) They burn many calories and increase heart & lung power.
3) They tone up your butt and thighs.
4) Squats increase flexibility in the lower body, and lower back + mid-section become stronger.
5) They can also help the body to increase & release more testosterone levels (key for body building, if that is a goal you are working towards).
Squats give definitions to your butt and build strength in your legs but they also enhance the ability to jump and give power & strength to the lower body. Another wicked benefit of squatting is that it can improve your over all workouts by several percent and define your body more effectively. They also help strengthen the muscles around your joints, giving added protection and reducing pain.
Remember, don’t avoid this type of exercise because it really does work very effectively. The RIGHT technique and posture is everything to avoid injury.