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The TOP Excuses

Today we live in a so called “fast pace society” meaning that we tend to use this as a major excuse for putting our health and fitness goals on the back burner and in jeopardy. We tend to cling onto this excuse for dear life and try to avoid any conversation related to fitness and/or any form of physical activity. Don’t get caught up in the “he said/she said” or the “nay sayer” when it comes to your health. If improving your fitness and health has been on the back of your mind, chances are you know something needs to improve. Our minds may play tricks on us but our bodies SURE DON’T.

Here’s the scoop:
1) If you’re gaining weight yearly then this is your first sign to get ACTIVE.
2) If you’re short of breath after 10 seconds of semi-moving around. This is your second sign to get ACTIVE. Yes this includes stairs, playing around or anything that gets you winded. Justify it all you’d like but your body doesn’t lie.
3) Stress levels increase constantly. If you’re feeling edgy about almost anything, this is your third sign about getting ACTIVE. Let’s just say that as your stress level increases, your heart health can only take or endure so much stress. Without a heartbeat you’re no longer around; need I say more??
4) Hypertension AKA high blood pressure. And yes people who feel well can have high blood pressure issues and this is why it is important to get check ups regularly. High blood pressure should be kept under control to prevent a) Strokes b) Heart Attacks and c) Kidney failures. Regular exercise and an ACTIVE lifestyle contributes to a healthy body. An ACTIVE lifestyle can help to lower mildly-elevated blood pressure and maintain a healthy weight. So if you’re blood pressure is starting to creep up a bit, this is your 4th sign that you have got to get ACTIVE.
Take the initiative and do your own thing even if you feel like you have no support from those around you. At Movimento, we will provide you with all the support and inspiration you’ll ever need
Don’t find your excuse here on our “hall of shame” wall………Check ‘em out… Don’t have the time…I like my sleep more….It’s too early for me…..It’s too late for me…..I’m skinny and don’t need to exercise….I’m gonna die one day anyways….My Doctor said I need to exercise badly but I don’t know if I have the money…..My old injuries will heal on their own without exercise….My car payment is too high…..I’m all over the place right now….I’m too emotional this week….I don’t like to sweat…..People look at me when I train…..I love my fast food way too much…..I was diagnosed with diabetes and I’m gonna take it easy…..I really need this more than anything but I’ll think about it for a while….I can do this on my own, I’ve watched many dvd’s and tutorials on youtube…..I injured myself doing in it on my own and I don’t want you to injure me….I’m afraid of change…..My friends don’t want to join with me…..My boyfriend/girlfriend thinks I should do it on my own….I only do discounted fitness programs…..
“You can’t change what you won’t acknowledge” so forget the excuses and give yourself the gift of health!
p.s To those who always take the lead and are not afraid to run the opposite direction against traffic, my most respect goes out to you… See you at training!