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Exercise Myths Disproved

Myth One:
“Lifting weights will make me bulky and too muscular”
Ans: It can, but lifting weights is also a key element in toning, slimming, shrinking, tightening, firming, and losing weight. Your workout depends on many things such as reps, nutrition, supplements, rest, sets, machines vs body weight exercises, the list goes on.

Chances are you’ll bulk up like a body builder if you train like a one, eat like a like one, and spend lots of $$$ like one too. So if none of these 3 apply to you, you are safe! Most women (and most men) can not put on that kind of muscle mass or physical structure naturally. In our classes we incorporate a variety of weight training exercises specifically geared to tone and target specific muscle groups that promote only firming of the muscles and weight loss.

Myth Two: 
“Exercise is only for people that need to get in shape”
Ans: Just because a person looks thin it does not mean that they are healthy. A slim person can also be classified as unhealthy in many ways. Just because someone is lean does not mean they are physically fit, nor does it make them immune to illnesses. The key thing to remember when it comes to healthy living is that the most important organs we need to constantly take care of, are the ones we can not see. Research by leading experts in medicine have proven and shown that constant physical activity increases longevity and improved health throughout your life which is important for every person regardless of their size.

There is no short cut when it comes to being fit and healthy. If you’re worried about being slim, dieting may just cut it. However, if you want to be healthy and stay that way, constant physical activity has to be a major component in your lifestyle.
Myth Three:“I plateau because I don’t have good genes”

Ans: Not really. Most people plateau due to performing the same exercises over and over again and also because the workouts are no longer challenging. This results in a person’s body no longer changing. When a person begins to work out, they tend to see results in muscle and strength gains within the first 4-6 weeks. However, as time goes on and the workouts continue, the progress tends to slow down quite a bit. It is very important to always keep the body/muscles guessing by continuously changing your workouts. This keeps your body/muscles from adapting to the usual routine to the point where your results come too slow or worst yet stop completely. By varying your training exercises with the right technique, you can build overall endurance along with total body control and strength, while also continuing to see weight loss and toning results. 
At Movimento fitness, we make sure that every class is different so that we are constantly targeting all the muscle groups to keep the body guessing.
 Don’t get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. In order to keep improving your body, think variation. If you are bored with your routine or don’t know what else to do, chances are you’ve hit a plateau.