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When Should You Eat?

I get asked all the time about when and what people should be eating.
The more clients I work with, the more obvious it has become that there’s no right answer.
So today, I want to quickly share my general rule of thumb.
Eat when you’re hungry.
As in when you feel physical signs of hunger like your stomach rumbling.
Too many people today confuse other things like boredom and stress with hunger.
We need to tune into our bodies and listen to what it is physically telling us – your body, not your brain!
Obviously, don’t wait so long to eat that you want to eat everything in sight or you get low blood sugar.
But test it for a week. Begin eating when you feel physical hunger and stop at satiation rather than fullness.
If you want to get lean and stay that way, eat when you’re hungry and stop before you’re stuffed. Prioritize vegetables and protein, and you’ll be good.
Speak soon,
~ Juan