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When Your Spouse Isn’t On Board

We are so happy to have many couples that workout together here at Movimento Fitness. It is great to see them supporting one another and enjoying time being active together!
But what if that is not you? What if your spouse doesn’t support you in your commitment to improving your health?
Making positive changes in your life is so empowering and exciting that you want to encourage people you love to do the same thing.
Of course, it can also be challenging to eat better and stick to an exercise plan, so you need support from others, too.
And both these statements apply to no one more than your spouse, right?
You want him or her to feel as good as you do now that you’re exercising and eating right. And you need encouragement from your partner, too.
So, what do you do if your spouse isn’t supportive of your desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle?
Communicate. Ask for what you want instead of assuming your spouse is intentionally ignoring your efforts. Then, talk it out and really listen without applying pressure. Maybe your spouse has worries or insecurities of their own. Maybe they feel too stressed with work and the kids to commit to anything else. Maybe they’re jealous about your new “hobbies.” You can’t know until you ask.
Share But Don’t Pressure. You can tell your spouse about your activities and nutritional needs without twisting their arm or being passive-aggressive about it. Respect their choices. Be an example. Find other ways to share quality time together.
Do Your Thing. It would be nice to have your partner there to cheer you on. But if that’s not part of the mix right now, you have to double-down on the commitment you’ve made to yourself. Make your intentions clear about grocery shopping, preparing family meals, and when you will schedule time for workouts. And find supportive friends from others at the gym and your coaches.
And always remember, you NEVER have to go it alone. We’re here for you!
~ Juan