Food for thought

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26 Jul: Don’t Get Distracted

It’s estimated that humans today are exposed to over 8,000 marketing messages every single day. Wow. And with the prevalence of social media, everyone’s opinion is more apparent than ever before. And to add to that, all of your friends suddenly seem to be “health experts.” They’re promoting a “life changing” product of some type that will solve all of your health/fitness/nutrition/body woes. But all of these messages start contradicting each other and you wonder who is selling the right product, which magazine provides the most solid advice, and if you need to be doing cardio or weight training to reach your goals. I get the confusion. If I wasn’t a fitness professional I have no doubt I would succumb to it too.

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24 Jul: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

You will become what you believe you are. It’s a fact. It’s the self-fulfilling prophecy. So, if you tell yourself that you’re a fat failure on a daily basis – guess what you become? If you tell yourself you’re sick or injured constantly, you will be.

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17 Jul: 80/20 Rule

Our goal here at Movimento Fitness is to teach you to live and eat in a way that is sustainable long-term. No yo-yo diets or quick fixes here! As you know, we run nutrition based challenges throughout the year that really require you to step up your nutritional compliance, but for the most part, we encourage you to follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you’re eating on plan foods – protein, vegetables, fruits, good fats, and some good fibrous carbs. The other 20% you get to do as you please. Now, don’t gorge yourself. A 20% meal doesn’t mean eating an entire pizza. It does mean enjoying the foods you love but with more consciousness.


16 Jul: For Mom’s That Don’t Have Time

Over my years working in fitness and nutrition I’ve worked with A LOT of moms. Given that moms give to everyone around them, I’ve had to really navigate what holds them back from giving equally to themselves. I’ve talked to hundreds of women about their struggles when it comes to sticking with their fitness. I know about the fear of failing again, the fear of starting over, and the fear of falling off the wagon. I know about the cravings and lack of knowledge of how/what to eat. I’ve watched them spend endless hours on treadmills, working with trainers, and exercising with little to no return on their time and energy investment. And I’ve seen them give up time and time again. After coaching hundreds of clients and specifically interviewing many women around their biggest areas of struggle, several things stand out as major issues that cause setbacks or failures,…

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15 Jul: 7 Ways to Fight Cravings

People experience food cravings for a variety of reasons from boredom to loneliness to food addiction to habit and many things in between. Fighting them can be really tough! However, there are some strategies that make it easier to push through them! Next time you feel a craving coming on, try one of these:

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09 Jul: Summer Commitment or Excuses?

In my years of working in the fitness industry, I’ve found there are two types of people: Those who are committed to their fitness routine 12 months out of the year. Those who use vacations, summer, holidays, etc. as an excuse to let go. Don’t get me wrong, even I love a break from training every now and again, but one thing I’m conscious of is not falling into the summer trap. Here’s the thing. Your body doesn’t know it’s a holiday or summer time or that you’re visiting a resort somewhere. Your metabolism doesn’t differentiate. So, if you’re using this time of year to drop the ball on your fitness, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice.

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06 Jul: I Love Change

You want results. That extra 15, 25, or even 50 pounds should have been gone…like…yesterday, right? You want to be pain-free but getting off the couch or out of the desk chair seems near impossible? We all want a better body, to be healthier, to live longer. But we don’t want to put in the work to get there. Even worse, CHANGE IS SCARY! People are truly terrified of change and of the unknown. In order to lose weight, manage pain, get stronger, perform better and alter your body/health in whatever way aligns with your goals, change must happen. And if you’re not mentally ready for it, it’s not the time to try to change. You have to be very mentally aware and focused if you are going to make life-altering changes. We have an awesome program here at Movimento Fitness, and people seek us out, ready to change and…

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05 Jul: Gratitude

With the hustle and bustle of life in the 21st century, it’s easy to see what needs to get done, where we are lacking, and how successful other people appear to be. There are so many incredible benefits with the technology we have today from the internet to cell phones to social media. But often these things create a gap between where we are and where we think we should be. This can lead to guilt, anxiety, stress, and even depression. If we feel like what we’re doing and where we are isn’t ever good enough, it’s not surprising. So, we continue to focus on what’s missing from our lives. Instead, I suggest implementing a daily gratitude practice. Write down 5 things in your life that happened that day that you’re grateful for. These can be huge events or just small things that make you appreciate life.

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04 Jul: Ab Exercises Don’t Give You Abs

I am asked all of the time how people can get better, flatter, and more visible abs. It’s the #1 area people want to improve. Go into any gym and you’ll see thousands of crunches, situps, ab machine whatevers, and so on. Do those people have visible abs? Usually not. Abs classes are prevalent in almost any commercial gym, and members flock in search of the six pack that will never be. You see, getting abs comes from OVERALL reduction in body fat. You already have abs – you just need to lose the fat on top of them to see them! While fun, ab specific classes are a farce…no matter how much it burns. So then how do you get great abs? Here are the secrets:


30 Jun: It’s Who You Know

It’s been said that you are the average of the top 5 people you spend the most time with. When people first read that, they’re typically either invigorated or concerned. You may have noticed that families who have positive habits and mindsets seem healthier and happier. Conversely, families who always talk about the things that are wrong, view life as a challenge or never seem happy often also struggle with their health and fitness. So pause here…how does your family, those people you spend the most time with, impact you?