29 Aug: The Essential Mineral You Need!

There is a inexpensive mineral you are probably slightly deficient in. The good news…getting enough of this mineral could help in the fight against cancer…that super power mineral is IODINE. In this article I have revealed a few inexpensive food sources where you can get this mineral and make sure you benefit from its protective effects.

11 Apr: Is Diet Soda Your Enemy?

I just came across a VERY good reason why you should consider staying clear of diet soda. Recent findings presented at the American Stroke Association’s 2011 International Stroke Conference concluded that diet soda can significantly increase your risk for stroke, heart attack and vascular death.[1] The findings were based on the Northern Manhattan Study, which looked at more than 2,500 people across various ethnic groups to discover specific stroke risk factors. And as you might guess, diet soda tops the list.

11 Mar: The Healthy Food That Can Make You Happy

You’ve probably already heard that nuts are good for you. They have heart-healthy antioxidants and are a great source of “healthy” fats. But did you know that nuts can also make you feel happy? Scientists have discovered a link between eating nuts and serotonin levels in the body. Just so we’re on the same page, serotonin is a chemical your brain releases that can suppress appetite, improve heart health, and make you feel calmer and happier.

01 Jan: A Heart of Gold

Did you know that by consuming the right fresh foods full of healthy fats and antioxidants can reduce the risks of heart disease and heart attacks? Let’s take a look…

27 Dec: So You're Saying that Nutrition is Almost Always the Answer?

Yeap, that’s exactly what I’m sayin’… Reality is that all the exercise in the world won’t out train bad eating habits and patterns. If you eat too much of the wrong things, your workout will not compensate for the caloric intake. Also, if you’re not eating enough, skipping meals throughout the day or purposely starving yourself because you think that’s the proper way of losing weight, your body might go into “calorie-conservation” mode. Meaning your metabolism may slow down, preventing you from losing weight even with exercise. It’s your body’s way of trying to keep you alive. I call it “survival mode”.