Jumpstart Your Motivation!

Need to get motivated so you’re primed once again to hit the ground running with your health and fitness goals? The following 3 things can make a big difference and can jumpstart your motivation! 1) Set a Goal If you haven’t set a new goal in some time, quit stalling and get to it. This is a MUST. Remember, it is all about progression daily and not perfection. If you don’t have any health and fitness goals – or are not reviewing your goals regularly to make sure they are still applicable and sustainable – you are going to struggle sticking to your plan and will lose motivation and drive.

Being Active Needs to Include Strength Training

In a world full of fitness trends and fad diets, it can be pretty confusing and overwhelming about what a person should do when trying to get back in the groove. In this article, we will explain the difference between “building your strong” and being active; they are both great but they need to be combined for you to lead your best healthy lifestyle!

Walk Your Way To Better Health

Walking is a great way to get in extra activity throughout the week, especially on the days in between your strength and interval training sessions. You can walk just about anywhere and it can be very relaxing to get out in nature. However, you are not getting the most out of your workout if you consistently walk the same route, at the same pace, most days of the week. The body quickly adapts leading to a plateau. This is not a concern if you walk for health and leisure. But, if you want to challenge your body, improve your fitness level, and lose a few pounds, be sure to change up your walking routine.

Holiday Do's & Don'ts For Staying on Track

The holidays are here and that means lots of temptation, parties, food, stress…. and even more food! However, with a few tips in the back of your mind the holidays do not have to mean falling off track and you can still indulge in some of your favorites that make the holidays special!

Staying Healthy With Age

5 things that will help you live to 100 years old! In the early 1970s, National Geographic asked physician and research scientist Alexander Leaf to study and then report back about some of the world’s healthiest and longest living people. One of the groups Dr. Leaf chose was the people of Abkhasia; an autonomous region within Soviet Georgia.

Summer Sunday Fitness

Our SUMMER SUNDAY fitness sessions kicked off this Sunday with a beautiful day! We will be holding these fun workouts 5 more times throughout the summer. Everyone is welcome to attend these fun outings: current members, past members, general public, family, friends, and kids. Check out the schedule below…

Couples in Motion Reach Their Goals

Did you know that when couples work out together, the exercise can have a physically and emotionally positive impact on the partnership? Both partners come away with feelings of synchronicity, cooperative spirit, and shared passion. Throw in some endorphins and the body transforming effects of fitness and you have a spicy mix!

Is This "Silent Killer" Stalking Your Body?

There’s a “silent killer” that could be slowly destroying your health…and you may not even know it! The reason it’s so dangerous is that there are usually no symptoms – until it’s too late and the damage to your health has been done. It’s scary stuff, to be sure. But the good news is there are PLENTY of things you can do naturally (without side effects) that will keep this “silent killer” from rearing its ugly head. So what is this “silent killer?” High-blood pressure!

5 Words to Transform Your Body

Five simple words hold the key to helping you completely transform your body. In fact, the power behind these five words can help you burn fat, build muscle and ultimately get the body you’ve always dreamed of – once and for all. Are you ready for it? The five words are: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

The Essential Mineral You Need!

There is a inexpensive mineral you are probably slightly deficient in. The good news…getting enough of this mineral could help in the fight against cancer…that super power mineral is IODINE. In this article I have revealed a few inexpensive food sources where you can get this mineral and make sure you benefit from its protective effects.