27 Dec: Reverse That Age Thing!

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimate that Americans spend at least $10 BILLION dollars annually (and growing) on plastic surgery procedures, while Canadians spend just over half a BILLION per year (and also increasing annually) in order to feel and look younger, healthier!

27 Dec: The TOP Excuses

Today we live in a so called “fast pace society” meaning that we tend to use this as a major excuse for putting our health and fitness goals on the back burner and in jeopardy. We tend to cling onto this excuse for dear life and try to avoid any conversation related to fitness and/or any form of physical activity. Don’t get caught up in the “he said/she said” or the “nay sayer” when it comes to your health. If improving your fitness and health has been on the back of your mind, chances are you know something needs to improve. Our minds may play tricks on us but our bodies SURE DON’T.

27 Dec: Global Obesity Rates Doubling: Worldwide Study

OBESITY is a chronic metabolic disease in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a detrimental effect on human life expectancy, leading to multiple health problems: metabolic syndrome, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, gout, kidney disease, and even cancer. Today the disease is reaching epidemic proportions around the world, being specifically reinforced in the Western industrialized world.

27 Dec: Best Relaxation For Sore Muscles!

A nice warm bath is psychologically relaxing and can be a surprisingly powerful tool for healing and relaxing the muscles. A warm bath tends to dominate our awareness, forcing out negative thoughts, and restoring our body temperature and other physiological conditions back to normal.

27 Dec: Goal Setting for Success!

There is an amazing feeling about a new year – a new beginning with new goals, new dreams, and new directions fueling our thoughts. Whether your New Year’s challenge is getting rid of those silly few stubborn pounds, following a more balanced nutrition plan, or a complete body transformation, Movimento Fitness is here for you!

27 Dec: Mood Boosters

It is estimated that approximately 1 in 8 people suffer from some form of depression during our cold winters. It is important to know that choosing a fitness routine along with a few other small and simple things, are great ways to boost your mood during these chilly chilly days.

27 Dec: Muscle Da Hustle

Building muscle is going to be one of the key elements in your weight loss journey. More muscle = more calories burned by your body = more weight loss Lifting weights as part of your exercise routine even increases the calories you burn while you’re sitting on the couch because your muscles use energy to repair your muscle fibers after each resistance training workout. Studies have shown that after a total body workout that includes weights participants had an elevated metabolism for 39 hours afterward! So make the most of your Movimento resistance training workout with these three tips below!